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The Psychology of Change


Change Management for ArchitectsSuccess with enterprise architecture (EA) implies that the EA capability needs to be embedded within the organisation. This requires change management within and beyond the EA Practice.  An actionable change leadership capability across the entire enterprise architecture team is essential, with each member acting as a change agent delivering business value.  

Course Description

Many enterprise architecture (EA) implementations do not reach their full potential due to a failure in managing the “fuzzy” human aspects of organisational transformation. This course addresses the need to assess and prepare an organisation for transformation; the role of the change team; the implementation of awareness, communication, training and individual empowerment programmes; how to identify and address resistance and obstacles to change, and how to embed the transformation in the organisational culture so as to maintain the gains of change. Kotter’s principles for leading change, and the psychological aspects of human learning theory and change are incorporated. Practical exercises ensure relevance to the EA environment and provide delegates with an action plan for their own organisations.

Course Outline

  • Module 1:           What is Change Management?
  • Module 2:           Prepare for Change
  • Module 3:           Manage Change
  • Module 4:           Maintain Change
  • Module 5:           The Psychology of Change
  • Module 6:           Leading Change
  • Module 7:           Concluding Thoughts

Course Outcomes

Delegates completing the course will have a clear understanding of how to manage the human side of change in organisational transformation efforts. They will develop the core knowledge and appropriate skills to prepare, manage and maintain Change Management implementations, and will be able to integrate Enterprise Architecture and Change Management initiatives into a detailed action plan for organisational change.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals involved in architecture-related initiatives, including:

  • Enterprise architects
  • Business architects
  • Information architects
  • Technology architects
  • Application architects
  • System integrators
  • Business analysts
  • Business process modellers
  • Programme and project managers
  • Other business and technical specialists engaged in the development of enterprise architectures

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Courses are available to the public on scheduled dates and on request for private groups of five or more candidates.


R10 475 ex VAT per delegate

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Course Pack Includes

  • The textbook, "The Heart of Change Field Guide: Tools and Tactics for Leading Change in Your Organization" by Dan S. Cohen and foreword by John P Kotter
  • A printed course manual
  • Online reference material

Cancellation Policy

There is a 100% cancellation fee for cancellations made within ten working days of the start of the training event.

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Training News

2019 has seen the launch of The Open Group’s TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1 qualification. Real IRM prides itself as being the only service provider to offer this accredited course and credential in South Africa.

The credential is aimed at individuals who want to validate their knowledge and understanding of Business Modelling, Business Capabilities, TOGAF Business Scenarios, Information Mapping, and Value Streams by applying them in the development of a Business Architecture based on the TOGAF ® Standard Version, 9.2.

The Open Group ArchiMate® Forum will make available the latest version of the ArchiMate Specification®, version 3.0, with a series of announcements and events to take place throughout the months of June and July.

The latest evolution has the following new features:

The ArchiMate 2.1 Specification and supporting materials were released today. ArchiMate 2.1 is a maintenance update to ArchiMate 2.0, addressing comments raised since the introduction of ArchiMate 2.0 in 2012.

The Open Group has announced their new Open FAIR Certification Program aimed at Risk Analysts. The certification program focuses on The Open Group Risk Taxonomy and Risk Analysis standards which have advanced the risk analysis profession by defining a standard taxonomy for risk, and by describing the process aspects of a rigorous risk analysis. 

In order to become certified, Risk Analysts must pass an Open FAIR certification exam which is currently available at Prometric Centres. Training courses will be delivered through an Open Group accredited channel. 

The Open Group announced that a new ArchiMate 2.0 Foundation certification exam is available through accredited training organizations and also at Prometric test centres around the world.

ArchiMate® certification is for architects who want an internationally recognised qualification to demonstrate their detailed knowledge and ability to apply ArchiMate 2.0. It is targeted at those individuals who require a deep understanding of ArchiMate® and/or are responsible for developing architecture artifacts using the language. The certification is also intended for architects wanting to introduce ArchiMate® into their architecture practices.

The Open Group has released ArchiMate® 2.0, the latest version of the open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture. ArchiMate® 2.0 is now more closely aligned with TOGAF® and enables the creation of fully integrated models of an organization's Enterprise Architecture, the motivation behind it, and the programs, projects and migration paths to implement it.

Course Instructors

Trainer - Joanne Macgregor

Joanne Macgregor

Joanne Macgregor has a background in education, IT training and business consulting, and she is also a registered Counselling Psychologist in private practice. She brings her considerable experience in these fields to helping corporations with soft skills and change management training, and team facilitation.

Training Articles

As organisations embrace rapid and radical digitisation, new demands are placed on individuals, and new skill-sets rise into popularity.

For those in traditional Business Analyst and Project Management roles, one of the most opportunity-laden directions to evolve into is Business Architecture.

Business Architecture, as one of the Enterprise Architecture domains, regularly features on lists of hottest, most in-demand IT skills. It’s a natural extension of Business Analysis, for those looking to elevate their career to a more strategic level.

Enterprise Architecture specialist Real IRM has launched a two-day training programme – aimed at certifying individuals in The Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture standard.
This coincides with The Open Group conference in London this week which saw the official launch of the IT4IT™ certification. Real IRM is immediately bringing the certification to South African shores to add to their existing portfolio of international certification programmes from The Open Group – which includes TOGAF® and ArchiMate®.

IT specialists interested in developing their expertise in the rapidly-growing field of Enterprise Architecture (EA) can now benefit from the Zachman Framework course, from leading EA training provider Real IRM.
This newly-designed course is ideal for those looking to get to grips with one of the most fundamental frameworks in the field. It is perfect for individuals who aspire to become architects, since it deals with some of the fundamental building blocks of EA.

Enterprise Architecture specialists Real IRM has launched a new training course designed for business analysts who are required to use Unified Modelling Language (UML).

The course helps to more closely link the disciplines of business analysis and technical implementation. It empowers analysts with a solid foundation in UML, and allows them to write UML specifications, without being drowned in technical detail.

Real IRM has launched a first-of-its-kind course for Enterprise Architects – dealing specifically with the change management, change leadership and communication skills required to produce effective business transformation.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) programmes are vulnerable to failing unless they are supported by a powerful change management strategy and effective stakeholder engagement.

This course breaks away from the technical aspects of EA. It draws on the psychological aspects that need to be considered when an organisation redefines its architectural vision.

Real IRM’s ArchiMate® 2.0 Certification Training is one of only six Accredited ArchiMate® Training Courses in the world, and the only one in South Africa.

The Open Group provides an authoritative and independent assurance of the quality and relevance of its Accredited Training Courses.
Accreditation means that…

Enterprise Architecture specialist Real IRM has wasted no time in scheduling its first ArchiMate 2.0 certification training courses following its recent achievement of becoming Africa’s first accredited training centre on the international modelling standard.