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The TOGAF® 9 People Certification program has been designed to accommodate maintenance updates (such as TOGAF® 9.1) to the TOGAF® 9 specification. Thus, the certification remains as “TOGAF® 9 Foundation” and “TOGAF 9 Certified”, and individuals who are currently certified in the TOGAF® 9 People Certification program remain certified.

The conformance requirements for TOGAF® 9 certification have been updated and will become mandatory on June 1 2012. In the period between December 1st 2011 and June 1st 2012 candidates can study either to the original conformance requirements or the revised conformance requirements, and the examinations have been designed to accommodate both up to June 2013 (this extended period allows for those candidates with exam vouchers who can take up to 12 months to take their examinations).

The reference text provided with the Open Book examinations will remain as TOGAF® 9 until June 1 2012 and will then switch to TOGAF® 9.1 after that date.

From June 2013 the examinations will include new topic material from TOGAF® 9.1.

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Wednesday, 7 December, 2011 - 10:15
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