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Tuesday, 25 March, 2014

King III, COBIT 5 boost enterprise architecture

Published by: ITWeb

The importance of enterprise architecture as a strategic business capability, and even as a source of competitive advantage, is becoming increasingly well understood.
So says Stuart Macgregor, CEO of Real IRM and The Open Group SA, who points out that this is being fuelled by King III and COBIT 5 making the CEO accountable for enterprise architecture.
Macgregor believes that a synergistic approach between corporate and IT governance, and enterprise architecture can increase an organisation's value while reducing cost.

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Tuesday, 25 March, 2014

Open Group to announce exploration and mining business capability reference map

Published by: Mining Innovation News

The Open Group Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals Forum (EMMM) is in the process of approving the Exploration and Mining Business Capability Reference Map. The map is a component of the exploration and mining reference framework, and defines the standard set of business capabilities for this industry.
“The Exploration and Mining (EM) Business Capability Reference map is an industry-focused business capability model, defining the standard business capabilities for organisations that operate in the exploration and mining sectors,” says Sarina Viljoen, EMMM forum director.

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Friday, 21 March, 2014

Exploration, mining business reference model receives the thumbs up

Published by: Mining Weekly

The EM model was developed by the Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals (EMMM) Forum, operating under the auspices of The Open Group, a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, which is represented locally by enterprise architecture specialist company Real IRM.

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Thursday, 23 January, 2014

Putting the C into ICT

Published by: HighGrade

The mining industry can profit from more than 15 years of information technology advances in other industries, but must tackle more seriously the enterprise architecture (EA) standards issue if it is going to dig deeper into available IT/operations technology convergence gains. The increased level of complexity in the mining industry has been a tremendous driver in getting mining companies to look towards IT to help them stay competitive, especially in cost containment.

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Monday, 7 October, 2013

Mining tech in need of finesse

Published by: ITWeb

For mining companies, cost-efficiencies are at the top of the list of the potential benefits of the EM Model. They will be able to use the model for application portfolio rationalisation and to improve their selection and procurement processes, says Macgregor. They'll also be talking to suppliers using business terminology with common definitions. "Once organisations know precisely what is in their portfolio, they can save millions a year," he adds.

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The Open Group ArchiMate® Forum will make available the latest version of the ArchiMate Specification®, version 3.0, with a series of announcements and events to take place throughout the months of June and July.

Enterprise Architecture specialist Real IRM has launched a two-day training programme – aimed at certifying individuals in The Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture standard.

The TOGAF Standard updated with further emphasis on Business Architecture, and restructured to support the TOGAF Library

The Open Group, the vendor neutral IT consortium, has announced the launch of its new IT4IT™  Reference Architecture Standard at its conference in Edinburgh.  

The Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (O-TTPS), a Standard from The Open Group for Product Integrity and Supply Chain Security, has been approved as ISO/IEC International Standard.

The Open Group launched the The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum to provide a vendor-neutral environment for IT executives to meet, gain knowledge and lead the development of the IT4IT Reference Architecture for IT portfolio management. 

The Open Group has approved the Exploration and Mining (EM) Business Capability Reference Map produced by The Open Group Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals (EMMM) Forum. This standard is a component of the Exploration and Mining reference framework.